Friday, June 22, 2018

Our newest potamus came flying into the world after a 24-hour labor, June 22nd at 11:35pm. Please join us in welcoming Ethan Avery Mills into our family! He surprised us all at only 9 lbs. even, and is 22 inches long.

Julie did an amazing job with the birth of Ethan. She labored at home with the help and support of our wonderful midwife Cindy Morrow, along with a larger support team, and gave birth to a beautiful little boy who has stolen our hearts. She was strong and confident through the entire process. Julie is an exceptional woman, and she will be a wonderful mother to Ethan. I am very proud of her. Thank you all again for your prayers and encouragement!

Our dear Ethan, 
With full hearts, we thank God for your life and the beautiful treasure that you are. We pray that you will know and love Jesus with all your heart, and know how deeply He knows and loves you. May you bring many people to the Kingdom, and be a faithful servant of the King. May you pursue, enjoy, speak, and live the Gospel with boldness. May your life bring glory to your Father, and may you fully delight to be His son. We love you very much!

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