Saturday, January 15, 2011

A fuller enjoyment

"Notice an essential point in this principle: It is Christ who provides us with security and significance. My love for my wife does not in the slightest degree add to the reality that she is thoroughly and eternally secure in Christ’s love.... Nor does my failure to love her as I should diminish the fact of my security. But my tangible, touchable, physically present love can bring to my wife a deeper, experienced awareness of what it means to be loved. I cannot add to the fact of her security, but I can add to her feelings of security.

Similarly, my wife’s submissive respect for me does not increase my significance as a servant of Christ, but it does enrich my awareness of the adequacy that the Lord has already granted. The situation is much like a man who discovers that there is oil beneath my property. He does not make me wealthy; I was rich before he found the oil, but it is not until he makes me aware of the oil that I experience my wealth. Husbands do not make their wives secure; wives do not make their husbands significant. Only Christ can do this. And He does so the moment a person places his or her trust in Him as Savior and Lord. But husbands and wives can help convince their partners of their value and bring them to a fuller enjoyment of their riches in Christ.

--Larry Crabb

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