Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"A seed is useless until it is cast into the soil where it will die in order to become something greater-a plant, a flower, a tree. In the same way, my dedication to life at home as a mother is a seed of sacrifice. I give up my own desires and sacrifice my gifts and talents so that new life may come from me. I am buried in the rich soil of housework, homeschooling, character training, disciplining, and the myriad responsibilities of make a home. To many in my generation, my decision to stay at home is a fruitless sacrifice, a waste of feminine intelligence and abilities. To me, though, it is a small sacrifice if by it I may send my children into the next generation bursting with spiritual life, ready to change the world for Christ."

"If I want to be set apart for God's purposes, then I need to have an intimate knowledge of the God whose purposes I want to serve. The more I fellowship with him through prayer and reading his Word, the more clearly I will begin to know and recognize his will for my life. While other trusted believers may provide some needed wisdom or perspective, God's will is primarily a personal matter discovered through prayer, reflection on his Word, and daily obedience. God's will is not something hidden that needs to be found but, rather, something that needs to be done."

-Sally Clarkson, Seasons of a Mother’s Heart

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