Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"My soul is not at rest, there comes a strange and secret whisper to my spirit like a dream of night, that tells me I am on enchanted ground.

The voice of my departed Lord, “Go! teach all nations!” comes on the night air and awakes mine ear!

Why stay I here? the vows of God are on me, and I may no longer stop to play with shadows or pluck earthly flowers, till I my work have done and rendered up account.

And I will go; I may no longer doubt to give up friends and idle hopes and every tie that binds my heart to thee, my country.

Henceforth it matters not, if storm or sunshine be my earthly lot, bitter or sweet my cup, I only pray, “God make me holy and my spirit nerve for the stern hour of strife.”

Through ages of eternal years my spirit never shall repent that toil and suffering once were mine below."

--Nathan Brown, an 1800’s missionary.

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