Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Love, again, will dispose our hearts to submission to the will of God, for we are more willing that the will of those we love should be done, than of others. We naturally desire that those we love should be suited, and that we should be agreeable to them, and true affection and love to God will dispose the heart to acknowledge God’s right to govern, and that He is worthy to do it, and so will dispose to submission. Love to God will dispose us to walk humbly with Him, for he that loves God will be disposed to acknowledge the vast distance between God and himself. It will be agreeable to such an one, to exalt God, and set Him on high above all, and to lie low before Him. A true Christian delights to have God exalted on his own abasement, because he loves Him. He is willing to own that God is worthy of this, and it is with delight that he casts himself in the dust before the Most High, from his sincere love to Him."

--Jonathan Edwards, Christian Love As Manifested in the Heart and Life.

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