Thursday, June 3, 2010

Restored to our intended beauty

"As God helps you grow, you will change, but you will always be you. An acorn can grow into an oak tree, but it cannot become a rose bush. It can be a healthy oak or it can be a stunted oak – but it won’t be a shrub. You will always be you – a growing, healthy you or a languishing you – but God didn’t create you to be anybody else."

"When you flourish, you become more you. You become more that person God had in mind when He thought you up. You don’t just become holier. You become you-ier. You will change: God wants you to become a 'new creation.'  But 'new' doesn’t have to mean completely different; instead it’s like an old piece of furniture that gets restored to its intended beauty."

--John Ortberg, The Me I Want to Be.

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  1. This is my aunt and uncle's pastor! Have you read much of his stuff? He's amazing. His sermons are online at