Saturday, June 12, 2010

Love Letter to My Wife

My dear sweetheart,

We may not have even met yet, but I am writing this love letter to you to share my heart with you. 


Whether you read this today or sometime in the future, I hope that the message somehow gets through to your heart right now.


Know that I long for you, and am eager to meet you.  We both know that some days just feel so lonely,

and without each other, things feel like they go from bad to worse,

and what you thought would be pleasant does not turn out so nicely,

because what you want feels out of your reach,


and you almost feel like something is trying to take you down.


Without each other, we feel a little lost,


like we've gone too long without the hope of finding each other.

After a while, it begins to feel like something's just not right,


And you think you'll never find what you're looking for.


Know that you are on my mind all the time. I don't see a sunrise or sunset, or flowers, and not think of you.


It almost hurts to see the most beautiful parts of life and not have you there by my side. I dream of you every day. You are the first thought on my mind in the morning, and the last thought on my mind at night.

It almost seems like you're already here. I can't wait to show you my favorite park, but sometimes when I'm walking there, it seems like you're there beside me, in spirit.  It's like we're already having a conversation, unspoken but mutually understood. I feel like everything I do is either for you, or with you in mind, and it is lovely, but I want to see you, touch you, and hold you. Please come soon.

My heart aches for you a lot. And that makes me wonder if your heart is aching too, and if it is, know that I promise to more than make up for those lonely days when we finally come together.


 I'm spending my time wisely, and I'm sure you are, too. I'm trying to use it for God's glory, trying to prepare as well as possible for our marriage and family, and simply enjoying life as much as possible without you, my best friend; it isn't easy, but I do it, knowing that God will bring us together in His time.

I'm going to another ballroom dance at my church this weekend, and though you won't be there, I'm thinking of you, and wishing I were dancing with you.


I can't wait to meet you. We both know that God delights to give His children good gifts, so we know that God is preparing us for each other. It will be so good for our hearts to finally find each other. I already love you, my precious beloved.


I often wonder what's going on in your life these days. I imagine what you must be up to, and look forward to hearing your stories of how the Lord has guided and provided for you.


Please wait for me. I am waiting for you. Please be careful with your heart and mind. Please save the best and most important things for us.

Please don't give up hope. Hang in there,


keep dancing,

and don't let these deferred hopes make you jaded or sarcastic.

Light will break,

and glory will shine through.


Our love will bloom,


our day will come,


and what a celebration it will be.


We will make sweet memories,


and pursue beauty together,

and live our dreams,


and go on grand adventures,


and have babies,


and create a home together. 


I know some days are so very difficult while we are still waiting for each other. Our Father will bring us together in time, I am sure. I hope it is soon.  Fairy tales do come true,


and I will wait for you


and treasure your beautiful heart.

I miss you so, so much.


I long to see your face, to look into your beautiful eyes, and delight in the "glances of knowing"--knowing each other's hearts and minds, probably in large part almost immediately, because we will be kindred spirits. And knowing the struggle it has been to wait on God to open these doors to bring us together, knowing our hopes and dreams, and knowing that we can trust each other fully, and praise God even more for the great things He has done for us.

I am praying for you. Please come soon! And feel a big hug from me until then, dear one.  I love you.


Your beloved,

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  1. This was posted a month ago, so I'm a little late on commenting, but I just wanted to say that I was so incredibly touched reading this, to see that you have such a depth of love for a person you don't know. I, too, long for that kindred spirit connection, that immediate knowing of each other's minds. Your hope inspires in me the patience to wait for this kind of love. You're not alone in having this longing.