Friday, June 18, 2010

"Look at the state of the world eighteen centuries after the appearance of the first Great Missionary. We have indeed redeemed a few little spots to their rightful owner, but Satan yet boasts the world as his. While here and there some small gift is laid on the altar of the Saviour, the votaries of Satan will offer ten, twenty, or a hundred thousand rupees for the service of an idol temple. While it is thought some great thing, as one by one the followers of Jesus leave their native land to preach the glad tidings of His kingdom, the devotees of heathen worship will throw themselves by hundreds beneath the wheels of an idol car. While we count over our chapels and converts by hundreds and by thousands, Satan continues to number his by myriads and by millions. While, at most, a few thousand converts may be added to our side annually, more than twelve millions in the same space of time pass to join the ranks of lost spirits; and while we exult in the fancied rapidity with which we are gaining upon his usurped dominions, we forget that the population of the world is to a far greater extent gaining upon us, and laughing to scorn, as it were, our puny efforts.

These considerations should not discourage us, though they should answer the double purpose of leading us away from self-dependence and self-exultation, and of convincing us of the necessity for as yet untried measures and unprecedented exertions."

--Jemima Luke, Sketches Of The Life And Character Of Thomas Thompson

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