Friday, May 14, 2010

Deep peace

"Stella had not outgrown her childhood's sensitiveness to color, scent, and sound. The orange glow of the lantern, the warm velvety shadows of the stable, the contented purring of the cats and the breathing of the oxen, the smell of the clean beasts and the hay, seemed to weave themselves together and make for her a cloak of warm tranquillity. Wrapped in it she lay still, reaching down inside herself for that deep peace in which her being was rooted like a tree. Awareness of that peace gave her the deepest happiness that she knew. Sometimes it came, as now, like a deep echo of outward tranquillity, like a bell ringing far under the sea in answer to some church bell on the earth, and those were the moments when it lasted, but she had known it to come also in moments of trouble and stress, though it was no more then than a touch, gone in a moment yet sufficient in strength to stead one for much longer than its moment of duration."

--Elizabeth Goudge, Gentian Hill, p. 269.

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