Wednesday, March 24, 2010

God wanted you to go in a different direction

It happens to us all the time: we look to a dream, a vision, a goal, something we have wanted for a long time. Doors close; others open. Some doors open temporarily, then get shut; others are shut temporarily, then open. We get disappointed and even shocked at the things that do or don't happen, or don't happen the way we expected and hoped.

There's so many ways to go at those times, so many thoughts that can well up inside of us, expressing frustration and disillusionment. And one compelling thought keeps coming to the forefront.  At the time, the thought is unhelpful, but looking back, we see that it helps us gain a better perspective: God wanted you to go in a different direction.

It's not a easy answer, and it won't earn awards for how comfortable it makes us feel. Most of the time it's excruciating. But those of us who believe that Christ does have a plan for His glory and our good must repeatedly return to those words, eventually taking solace in them earlier and earlier in the grieving process: He wanted you to go in a different direction. He had another plan. He had a different and better plan.

If you have to say it as a mantra, now, and nothing more, then do it. Let it slowly sink in to the level of your worldview. But find some way to get it into your heart. God wanted you to go in a different direction. Let that thought make a difference, somehow, someway. In time, God will take the seed of that thought, and make it feel right, and give us eyes to see what He was up to in the first place, or at least the heart to more fully trust that He has our best interest at heart.

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