Friday, February 5, 2010

I believe in the passionate, brilliant, loving, and sovereign grace of God. I didn't grow up immersed in a deep understanding of it, but I slowly realized that it is what the Bible teaches. It is a "resistless logic," a paradigm that delights in the paradoxes of God's truth, but doesn't try to explain them away. I believe that free will is only the freedom to choose what kind of sin we want, not the freedom to choose God, and that our wills are in utter bondage to sin, so much that God had to reach down to us, even when we were rejecting Him, and draw us to Him. I do not know why God chose to do that to my heart, but I don't argue with Him over it, and I don't reject it because it seems "unfair"; on the contrary, I fall on my knees and thank Him for it. I do not try to explain away the mystery of God's love and grace; instead, I shake my head in wonder that He took me off of the slave block and called me "friend." He is the Creator, He is my King, and He is the Author of my destiny. I owe a debt of gratitude and love to Jesus Christ, which will take a joyfully given lifetime and eternity to thank Him for. "What would you say if you found out that God, choosing to show His wrath and make His power known, bore with great patience the objects of His wrath, which were prepared for destruction? What if He did this to make the riches of His glory known to the objects of His mercy, whom He prepared in advance for glory, which is what we are?" (Rom. 9:22-23). The most important question we ask in looking back at the salvation of those who were once truly, utterly unable to respond to God is: by what power does the dead man rise? The answer is obvious: God not only calls the dead to life, but He also gives them the power to respond. To God be all the glory.

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