Monday, February 15, 2010

Home, a place to grow

"But the true idea of a home is that it is a place for growth. It is a place for the parents themselves to grow -- to grow into beauty of character, to grow in refinement, in knowledge, in strength, in wisdom, in patience, gentleness, kindliness, and all the Christian graces and virtues. It is a place for children to grow -- to grow into physical vigor and health and to be trained in all that shall make them true and noble men and women.

. . . A true home set up and all its life ordered for the definite purpose of preparing and sending out human lives fashioned into symmetry, filled with lofty impulses and aspirations, governed by principles of rectitude and honor and fitted to enter upon the duties and struggles of life with wisdom and strength."

--J.R. Miller, The Family

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