Saturday, December 26, 2009

We should be thinking about and describing God in the ways that reflect who He really is what He has actually gone through. He is a musician and an artist. He is a dancer. He is a dreamer extraordinaire. He is an erotic God and a true hedonist (obviously: He created human sexuality). He is an extremely romantic God (Song of Solomon). He is a divorced God (He begged Israel to be His bride, but when she would not come back to Him, He eventually found another bride, the Church). He is a jealous God. He is a broken-hearted God who still loves immensely, who longs for fellowship and intimacy. All this is not to anthropomorphize God, but to admit both how He has revealed Himself and to connect the dots of how He created us, in His image; how He created mankind in the Garden was a direct reflection of His own nature. Anything good, beautiful, and splendid about us or about our desires comes because we are children of our Father.

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