Monday, November 16, 2009

Your Heart of Beauty Rests

Your heart of beauty rests in stillness and in pain;
And tearfully you’ve told yourself you’ll never love again.

Your dreams were shaken hard, your faith was shaken more,
Emptiness has filled your life as your hopes and fears make war.

There seems nowhere to turn, no friends who will be true,
And the empty promises they made is all you have in view.

The day has turned to night; the warm has turned to cold,
The gentle rain of yesterday became an unforgiving storm.

Yet somehow in the gloom, you look past the despair,
And you won’t let go of what you know lies just behind the veil.

No dreams were dreamt in vain;
lost love you will regain;

And all those hopes for joy and peace
weren’t hoped only in pain.

Another day will come; the clouds will blow away;
What you hoped would be, will finally be, and will be here to stay.

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