Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unrequited Love

There is so much inside my heart yearning to be free
That Providence is almost bound to bring to pass
A time of restitution when all wrongs will be made right,
When all tears will be for joy alone,
And waiting love will be fully requited.

The dreams that put a sparkle in my eyes as a child,
Or as a hopeful young man, in looking to the future,
Are reflections of the place where everything began,
The seductive, blossoming gardens of Paradise,
Where God and man walked side-by-side,
Where we would have stood naked and without shame,
Where flourishing love and abounding grace
Healed all wounds before they were even inflicted,
And all that could be and should be was.

A day will arrive when you and I will face each other,
Perhaps disillusioned, but with all masks removed,
Finding that the love of God is renewing all things;
That while hope deferred had made our hearts sick,
Our desire fulfilled has become a tree of life.

Knowing only our shame, yet trusting and hoping,
We will relinquish our fears and all shadows of doubt,
Throwing caution to the wind of reckless delight,
To find ourselves exultant, in joyful flight,
With our innermost dreams as our constant abode,
Released from past pain, wrapped in bliss forever.

What others have tried to do for selfish reasons,
That was found to be only to their tragic demise,
We will do, and for the first time in our lives,
Truly live.

This is the awaited nourishing of the soul
And the rapturous requiting of love.

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