Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When two people love and live for each other

"It is so beautiful to be loved as Laurie loves me; he isn’t sentimental; doesn’t say much about it, but I see and feel it in all he says and does, and it makes me so happy and humble that I don’t seem to be the same girl I was.

I never knew how good, and generous, and tender he was till now, for he lets me read his heart, and I find it full of noble impulses, and hopes, and purposes, and I am so proud to know it’s mine. He says he feels as if he "could make a prosperous voyage now with me aboard as mate, and lots of love for ballast."

I pray I may be all he believes me, for I love my gallant captain with all my heart, and soul, and might, and never will desert him, while God lets us be together.

Oh, mother, I never knew how much like heaven this world could be, when two people love and live for one another!"

--Louisa May Alcott, Good Wives

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