Saturday, September 5, 2009

Since God has forgiven us for everything, there is absolutely nothing for which we cannot forgive others. Nothing. Our crimes against God are heinous, treacherous, and constant--sometimes even after we have come to know Him as our Savior. Yet He forgives with infinite love because He Himself took all our punishment. If the God of the Universe can forgive all our debts, then there is no debt incurred against us in life that we cannot fully forgive. Healing and restoration may take time, but forgiveness is a radical but crucial choice, and is the fruit of a changed heart. Unless we forgive others, it evidences that we have not truly received God's forgiveness. Let's take our focus off the injury or injustice done against us, and remember the injury and injustice we caused a holy God, as well as the undeserved forgiveness and lavish grace He poured out upon us in response.

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