Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Gentian Hill quotes

"Why should a stranger look at him like that, as though he mattered? He did not know, but the mere fact that in this harsh world a stranger could feel for a stranger an almost divine compassion was an earnest to him that the world might not be quite as harsh after all as he had thought it was."
--Pg. 122

"But no, he did not believe in capricious fortune, but in a carefully woven pattern where every tightly stretched warp thread of pain laid the foundation for a woof thread of joy."
--Pg. 132.

"The element of eternity in these things stood as a witness to something .... And both of them with their gift, perhaps quite natural in two whose vocation it seemed to be to shadow forth the timelessness of love, of apprehending and making contact with that which exists behind the appearance of things. And both of them, too, with the artist's love of beauty and the scholar's love of learning that are a part of that gift."
--Pg. 142.

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