Monday, August 10, 2009

More Gentian Hill quotes

"Love is the divinity who creates peace among men, and calm upon the sea, the windless silence of storms, repose and sleep in sadness. Love sings to all things which live and are, soothing the troubled minds of gods and men."
--Pg. 175.

"Words! They were so small, so light, they waited so humbly about a man, ready for his use, yet they could deliver him from mortal weariness more swiftly than any other form of music. Music! The wings of Perseus that for mortality had no existence apart from the body yet were not of it. Wings upon aching feet. Prayer upon the lips. Heaven and earth. Eternal life in the bread and wine. Words had already lifted him into the silence, and he worshipped them for he did not know how long."
--Pg. 187.

"Fear is a lonely thing. Even those who love us best cannot get close to us when we are afraid."
--Pg. 190.

"What was it about this particular men that, apart from his courage and ability as a naval commander, had so capture the imagination of his generation? A compassionate man in a brutal age,a man of simplicity and singleness of purpose in an age of bewildering complications? But there was more to it even than that; the Abbé thought. He was perhaps a man in love with glory; one of those who could strike it out of the stuff of life--like flame from stone--and kindle the glow of it for others as well as for himself."
--Pg. 203.

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