Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lord, give me eyes to see reality as you do. Give me an eternal perspective. Help me to see and embrace grace like never before. Take away any blinders, any scales over my eyes, and give me sight anew, so much that what I thought I saw before will seem like blindness in comparison. Show me the world through Your eyes, and show me my own heart through Your eyes.

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord. Help me escape the short-sighted perspectives of our fallen world, and lift me to a mountain high enough to see for miles and miles and miles. Help me to not just see better, but to see differently ... to see through a worldview that is not just educated, but totally transformed. Please grant me eyes to see the fields that are white for harvest. Take my focus off the stormy waves and put them on You, my fully trustworthy, all-powerful Father. Train my vision for beauty and for service.

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