Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hospitality, service, and encouragement

Over the past few weeks, God has overwhelmingly opened up doors for me to reach out to those in need and to show hospitality to people who were discouraged. People who had a loved one die, people facing fearful surgeries, people needing home-cooked meals or a freshly-baked loaf of bread, even people stuck on the side of the road where their car stopped in a dangerous place at night, were all somehow put on my path recently by the Lord.

A few months ago I prayed sincerely for the Lord to provide opportunities for me to share what I have, or to touch others' lives in some way, to really bless others, as God has blessed me. It has been amazing to see Him provide those opportunities, and, as always, in blessing others, we get more than blessed ourselves.

It's been such a delight and encouragement to my soul to see God using us, feeble instruments though we are, to help others, to help them stand when they are weak, and to let those who are suffering know they are not alone.

Praise God for comforting us, so we, in turn, can comfort others.

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