Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Gentian Hill quotes

"But all through the Book [the Bible], even in the dreadful parts, the language would now and then suddenly affect her like an enchantment. The peculiarities of Father's Sprigg's deliver worried her not at all. It was as though his gruff voice tossed the words roughly into the air separate particles of no great value, and immediately they fell again transmuted, like the music of a peal of bells, or raindrops shot through with sunshine, and vista upon vista of unobtainable beauty opened before her mind. It was a mystery to Stella that mere words could make this happen. She supposed the makers of these phrases had fashioned them to hold their visions as one makes a box to hold one's treasure, and Father Sprigg's voice was the key grating in the lock, so that the box could open and set them free." (p. 43).

"It was her own West Country that Stella saw, with its round green hills dotted with the sheep, and the stream winding in and out between them, and down in the sheltered valleys were the orchards and ploughed fields of rose-red earth, the homesteads and the old grey churches. She saw the sun and rain sweeping over the land, and the great arc of the rainbow in the sky, and it was as though the earth lifted itself to drink of the sun and the rain, and, even as she watched, the corn sprang green in the furrows, the orchards frothed with blossom, and the perfume of many flowers and the singing of a multitude of birds rose up like incense to the God Whose eyes, looking upon it, had given life." (p. 44).

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