Sunday, August 3, 2008

Earthly Perfect Harmony

"Lately it seems, that all our dreams
Have slipped right through our hands
And I've become both doubt and also doubter
It's hard to ask
If love has passed us by
Or if it's simply gone to sleep
To slumber till our hearts decide to wake it

Or could it be that we forgot
The Source of our special love
Turned our backs upon
The One who made it burn and glow.

If we choose
Not to lose the light
That made us shine in each others eyes
If we decide that life alone's no life at all
Then we must see
That love can be
The earthly perfect harmony
The Lord composed for children of His own to sing

But I need to understand
And love you the nail-scarred hand
You must touch and see
The frightened child inside of me

If we go on
To shine our light upon
A world that badly needs to know
A human soul can love another human soul"

--Michael Card, Earthly Perfect Harmony

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