Thursday, January 24, 2008

Neurological chiropractor

I wanted to find a chiropractor soon after arriving in Georgia, because it's so important for healthiness. I've come to also see the strong value of a neurological chiropractor, where they focus not just on adjustments, but on the whole body, including the brain, chemical balances, and general healthiness.

I found a neurological chiropractor here, and told him about how I am trying to wean myself from sleep medicines entirely (and have almost done so), and he said I was doing very well and was in great shape, which is always good to hear, especially when you're going through something as difficult as getting off of insomnia medicines.

It's amazing, the ways they have to tell different things about what's going on inside the mind. If I weren't a writer, I think I'd be very strongly tempted to become a chiropractor. I also want to learn massage, and the chiropractor said he actually teaches massage therapy classes somewhere locally, so I might just join and get started on massage therapy, which I've wanted to learn for a while.

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