Saturday, March 3, 2007


Several years ago a team of New York state sociologists attempted to calculate the influence of a father life upon his family and future generations. The study included two men from the eighteenth century, Jonathan Edwards and Max Jukes.

Max Jukes rejected Christianity. He chose a life of unprincipled behavior and crime. Among his 1200 descendants were:

440 lives of outright debauchery
310 paupers and vagrants
190 public prostitutes
130 convicted criminals
100 alcoholics
60 habitual thieves
55 victims of impurity
7 murderers

The research team concluded that not one of Max Jukes known relatives ever made a significant contribution to society. This notorious family cost the state of New York $1,200,000.

Jonathan Edwards is regarded as one of the most brilliant an influential men of American history. He was a gifted pastor and exceptional theologian. Edwards’ preaching ignited the flame that led to the Great Awakening, and he later served as the president of Princeton College. Among his male descendants were:

300 clergymen, missionaries, or theology professors
120 college professors
60 doctors
60 authors
30 judges
14 college presidents
Numerous giants on American industry
3 U. S. congressmen
1 vice-president of the United States

Source: Steve Lawson, The Legacy, (Sisters, Multnomah Books, 1998), p.13.

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