Sunday, March 4, 2007

Good things

Good things everyone should do or at least consider:

1. Pants (trousers) first, then shoes.
2. Read Titus.
3. Respect anyone and anything Irish unless it's satanic or they are criminal, etc.
4. Love the sin, hate the sinner.
5. Buy soccer shoes.
6. Speak French.
7. Write your seven with a slash.
8. Lern houw two spel.
9. If you are one in a million, then there are 4,000 people just like you.
10. Never quote in a language you can't speak.
11. Write poetry
12. Sleep on your back.
14. Never skip #13.
15. Never knock on wood.
16. Wash your face every day.
17. Stop people and ask for their business cards.
18. Take pictures of everything.
19. Invest in a pair of comfortable shoes.
20. Don't eat the green stuff.
21. Don't make long, boring lists of things for your friends.
22. Sleep.
23. Color.
24. Sneeze.
25. Vote.
26. Listen.
27. Love God.
28. Always capitalize God's name and His pronouns.
29. Write to me.
30. Listen to Rich Mullins, Michael Card, and John Michael Talbot.
31. Watch the sunrise.
32. Bake cookies.
33. Drink hot cocoa with whipped cream.
34. Use crayons all your life.
35. Paint at least one room in your house pure, bright white.
36. Make your Christmas tree ornaments by hand, and make some to give as Christmas gifts to family.
37. Have a garden.
38. Write a real letter instead of an email from time to time.
39. Laugh and smile for any and all reason, or for no reason, just to make someone else smile.
40. Watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
41. Eat ice cream.
42. Go out late at night in the rain and dance in the streets.
43. Don't kick cats down the stairs (too much).
44. Find someone you love and stay with that person forever.
45. Read just for the pleasure of it.
46. Bake brownies.
47. Watch Veggie Tales.
48. Go to Art Museums and parks.
49. Collect something--stamps, teapots, paper money, dictionaries, candles, wine bottles, knives, lamps--anything. Just collect something so that you have something to work on that is fun and that you can look back on thirty years from now and remember where and how you picked this one or that one up on this trip or in that country, etc.
50. Take time to sit in the darkness alone and take a couple of deep breathes, be quiet so you can feel your own heart beating, and pray. Repeat often.
51. Keep praying.
52. Pet kittens and puppies.
53. Find someone who knows less than you--anyone at all--and tell them something you learned, something exciting, especially if it relates to the Bible.
54. Act silly.
55. Splurge on expensive desserts every once in a while.
56. Listen to Bach.
57. Learn to listen to people, even the boring ones.
58. Learn to take notes in church.
59. Keep a journal and go back and read what you wrote years ago.
60. Kiss with your eyes closed.

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  1. Did you know John Michael Talbot has a blog now?

    I like listening to him, too!